InstaViser partnered with the United States Olympic Committee ACE (Athlete Career and Education) Program to create the ACE Mentor Network. Since 2015, The ACE Mentor Network has been helping U.S. Olympians, Paralympians, and National Team members in their preparation for competition and life after sport. 


"The ACE Mentor Network has created a path for efficient transfer of valuable knowledge from retired Olympians, Paralympians and industry professionals to current and retiring Team USA athletes.The huge obstacle to success of a mentor program is the high ongoing administrative requirement to manage. This on-line tool permits virtually turn-key sessions for both the mentor and the athlete allowing us to have a valuable program we would not otherwise have been able to staff."
- Leslie Klein, Director of Athlete Career and Education Services, United States Olympic Committee


InstaViser teamed with the Culinary Institute of America's new Food Business School program to create a network for its students, providing them the opportunity to have personalized one-on-one sessions with some of the top food experts, restaurant executives, and culinary artists in the industry. 


"My mentor Michiel Bakker and I found a lot of common ground and had a great mentor session. He then provided me with some very valuable network contacts which was incredibly helpful. The whole Dock to Dish team is very grateful for these insights and the information Michiel shared with me. Immensely helpful experience, thanks again! We would certainly use FBS Mentor Network again, there seems to be limitless benefits and it enables us to access a broad spectrum of resources that would be otherwise unavailable to us. Yes, we intend to continue a long productive relationship with FBS."
- Sean Barrett, Dock to Dish
"I completed two Food Venture Lab courses, at UC Berkeley and in San Francisco, allowing me the opportunity to be surrounded by other food innovators and industry leaders in all areas of food. My business really started to get traction when I started the course and by the end, I was funded. The Mentor Network offered me access to experts with years of experience, saving me time and money."
- Megan Mokri, CEO & Founder, Byte Foods
"A quick note to the team on my experience with the 1:1 Mentors - this is a fantastic resource. Great industry insight with a solid dose of networking... exactly what I was expecting."
- Andrew Colehower, Managing Partner, Organic Brand Management


C-Sweetener is a new non-profit organization dedicated to matching emerging female healthcare leaders new and near to the C-Suite, with those who have successfully navigated this terrain and are eager to share their knowledge and experience. InstaViser has partnered with C-Sweetener to create the ultimate mentorship experience.

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Virtual Coaching at

Our original site offers personalized coaching and mentoring from Olympic gold medalists, Stanley Cup champions, NFL stars, CrossFit athletes and top coaches from around the world. With our InstaViser virtual coaching platform, anyone can connect with the best of the best in sport and fitness from anywhere, at anytime for one-on-one personalized coaching sessions.