Community networks for one-on-one learning with trusted experts



  • Our clients are universities, learning institutions, professional organizations
  • Our mentors are elite alumni, experts and friends who revel in giving back
  • Our learners are committed to achieving their goals and continued success


HOW IT WORKS: Connect. engage. learn. advance

We collaborate with each institution to build a private-label mentoring platform personalized to address their needs. These networks create effective and fulfilling interactions through live one-to-one video and phone chats. 

Our platforms are specifically designed to ensure users are successfully matched with the right experts to cultivate meaningful relationships and help them on their path to success. Through our unique search function and algorithm, pairing assistance and self-selection, users easily find their perfect match.


  • End-to-end technology for convenience and ease-of-use:
    • Users connect with the right mentors and advisors to help them succeed, cultivating meaningful relationships along the way.
    • Mentors can give back in a time-efficient, rewarding way, beyond just financial support.
  • Customer Success Program: Ongoing support to grow engagement and results.
  • InstaViser networks are branded with your look and feel, and are completely private. You control invitations and access.
  • Monthly metrics reports provide true visibility into the power and activity of your network.


Along with a fully integrated mentor network platform, InstaViser provides a dedicated Customer Success Team. Clients receive ample training on how to use the software, regular metrics and user reviews, VIP mentor onboarding and other concierge-style services.

In addition to continued customer service support, we deliver an array of user engagement tools and tactics.

The InstaViser platform solves:

  • Recruiting and tracking mentors
  • Making successful matches
  • Ensuring quality engagement between learner and advisor
  • Measuring impact and outcome

We are taking the 3,000 year-old social practice of mentorship and applying technology to make it accessible to the people who need it most, and available from the experts who can make a difference in helping them achieve their goals.


The economy is more turbulent and competitive than ever. Education alone does not promise success. Personal networks and social capital have become necessary in order to advance and achieve success in your personal, athletic, and professional careers. Many institutions have attempted to create similar mentoring networks manually but have failed or seen marginal results. The InstaViser platform is the solution for seamless and effective mentorship for lifelong learning and success.