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"The ACE Mentor Network has created a path for efficient transfer of valuable knowledge from retired Olympians, Paralympians and industry professionals to current and retiring Team USA athletes.The huge obstacle to success of a mentor program is the high ongoing administrative requirement to manage. This on-line tool permits virtually turn-key sessions for both the mentor and the athlete allowing us to have a valuable program we would not otherwise have been able to staff."  - Leslie Klein, Director of Athlete Career and Education Services, United States Olympic Committee

"My mentor provided me with some very valuable network contacts which was incredibly helpful! This was an Immensely helpful experience and we would certainly use the FBS Mentor Network again. There seems to be limitless benefits and it enables us to access a broad spectrum of resources that would be otherwise unavailable to us." - Sean Barrett, FBS 1:1 Mentor Network user

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What CSweetener users are saying about their mentors:

“My mentorship session truly bolstered my career aspirations and tempered some of my anxieties about the quest to have it all. I look forward to many more conversations in the future!”
“My experience with the CSweetener network was really amazing. I felt like Stacy was extremely clued into what I am working on and was so generous in her offer to help.”
“It’s comforting to hear we all have issues, challenges and opportunities in common and can learn from each other's experiences. This type of connection and conversation is invaluable.”