Connecting students with successful alumni for mentorship, networking, and early career development.

The Golden Ties Advisor Network
The Golden Ties Advisor Network

The Cal Golden Ties Advisor Network is the first of its kind. The platform provides free and effective mentorship for current or newly graduated UC-Berkeley student-athletes from alumni who have gone on to become successful industry professionals and experts in their field. The network offers more than just mentorship. Golden Ties is helping build a stronger and better prepared generation of college graduates.

My advisor was very knowledgeable with respect to his field of work, and was very helpful with regard to helping me find an internship. He has helped me connect me with people who I could gain some valuable experience from.
— Sophomore, Cal Student-Athlete
My mentorship session was most helpful because of the clarity it provided in regards to my next career step and choice. I appreciated how honest and straightforward my mentor was with his advice. This has greatly helped me in deciding how to approach an upcoming career conversation.
— Senior, Cal Student-Athlete