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    InstaViser's Virtual Coaching on BMX News

    BMX Olympian, Donny Robinson Coaching via InstaViser

    Virtual coaching has been popular among business coaches and management consultants for years now. And with the advent of Google’s audio/video “Hangouts” a few years back, the idea of working with a coach who may be on the other side of the country, or halfway around the world, has gone from a deal-breaker to an easy-do.

    And now, InstaViser brings athletic coaching to the virtual world. Founded by two US Olympians, Pete Cipollone (rowing) and Tommy O’Hare (speed skating), InstaViser offers an “instant adviser” to athletes in need of a quick adjustment to their form, or a more long-term relationship.

    So far, six sports are represented on the site–BMX being one of the six. BMX is being handled by Donny Robinson, who was fellow-Olympian-friends with Pete and Tommy as they worked to start the company.

    Here’s what Robinson had to say about InstaViser:

    "One of the reasons I love BMX Racing so much is because of the people I have met and the friends I have made. Encountering people with a shared passion and drive is so awesome. InstaViser is great because there is no longer a wait until “the next race” to interact or share knowledge with riders and parents – it can happen instantly, from anywhere in the world. I am super-excited about working with BMXers via InstaViser, and bringing this new platform to our sport."

    Co-founder, Pete Cipollone told BMX News:

    As Olympians, we are frequently asked for performance advice on every subject imaginable– training techniques, nutrition and mental preparation and more. We built InstaViser so aspiring athletes of all ages can connect and learn what really works from those who have competed at the highest levels.

    We are thrilled to be working with dR on InstaViser. Donny has an unparalleled record over more than two decades in BMX. His teaching style is clear and fun. He knows how to win, and now on InstaViser, riders from around the world can learn the tips and techniques that led him to the Olympic Medal podium in Beijing.

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