National Mentoring Month Highlights the Value of Personal Development

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    2017 is starting out strong with the world focusing on mentorship in honor of National Mentoring Month. President Obama and the Golden State Warriors even teamed up to encourage viewers to become community mentors in this viral video.

    With 33% of young adults growing up without a mentor, this puts young professionals at a disadvantage in the work force. It is becoming more and more common for employees to put “find a mentor” on their list of professional goals for the year. At InstaViser, we are dedicated to connecting aspirers of every age and walk of life for life-changing success.

    Why is mentorship so important? One graphic from Nancy Kasmar's book So You Want to Start a Mentorship Program sums it up: "Why mentor? To create stars." That works for everyone involved, she said. "The foundation of the mentoring relationship is possibility. Mentor and mentee are open to what each might give and receive. A good relationship expands to become something bigger, providing mutual learning and experience. Both sides benefit, a win-win. That's when mentoring benefits the entire organization, and in this case, the HR profession."1

    Throughout 2016, InstaViser had the pleasure of working with great organizations including the United States Olympic Committee, The Culinary Institute of America’s Food Business School, and the University of California-Berkeley Athletics Department. With over 140 mentors, our users have learned how to focus under pressure, refine their job hunt process, and learn what it take to bring their work to the next level.

    If you are wondering how to start looking for a mentor or setting up that initial meeting, InstaViser has you covered. If you’re looking to build your own mentorship network platform, please email: 

    References: Mentoring is Integral to SHRM Certification

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