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    At InstaViser, we’re fueled by an amazing group of people who are dedicated to building communities and helping people forge connections. Outside of the office, our interests vary, with several Olympians, Olympic hopefuls and professional athletes. Meet Meghan O’Leary, the Vice President at InstaViser. 


    Meghan is responsible for our marketing, sales, business development and customer success departments. (She's busy!) She serves as the lead on making sure that our customer networks are running smoothly and especially loves hearing from users who’ve had life-changing conversations with mentors they met on our platforms.

    When she’s not working on InstaViser, she can be found competing for Team USA around the world as a professional athlete for the United States Rowing Team. We asked Meghan what she likes about InstaViser and how her professional athletic career plays a part in her day-to-day.

    What do you do at InstaViser?

    "Basically, a little bit of everything! As vice president, I spend most of our time leading our Customer Success, Marketing, Sales and Business Development efforts. Pete Cipollone (CEO) is the lead on the Product and Technology side of things, and so I primarily manage the “other” which involves selling our product and ensuring our customers have the most optimal experience possible with our platforms. In the early stages of any startup, everybody has to inevitably wear many hats. This suits me well, as I pride myself on my ability to multi-task and truly enjoy learning different parts of building and managing a business."

    Meghan O'Leary Work 

    How did you first get started at IV?

    "I literally ran into Pete in the Atlanta airport during the fall of 2014. We are both Olympic rowers (though at different times) and had served on the USRowing Board of Directors together for a brief period. We got to catching up and told me about InstaViser. The company was still in its very early stages of launching and he was looking for someone to help with some content and UI improvements. I was intrigued so came on part-time for what I thought would be about a month or two of contract work, and here I am three and half years later, helping build and lead the company!"

    What do you do outside of IV?

    "Outside of my time with InstaViser, I spend most of my time training and competing with the United States National Rowing Team.  Additionally, I travel as a motivational speaker, serve on the USRowing Board of Directors, and “walking the InstaViser walk,” I take the time to mentor student-athletes as they are preparing for life after college athletics. In my other, though limited free time, I love going on hikes and exploring the San Francisco Bay Area (Marin Highlands, Half Moon Bay and the Santa Cruz Mountains are some of my favorites)."

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    How does your Olympic background impact your work?

    "All elite athletes have to be a bit entrepreneurial in their pursuit of career success. Throughout my journey to the Rio 2016 Olympics and continued road to Tokyo 2020, I am constantly innovating, self-reflecting, and analyzing what works and what doesn’t about my training, nutrition and recovery. As you need to do with any startup in order to grow and become profitable, I’m always learning from the successes and failures I face as an athlete. Perhaps my best preparation for working at InstaViser has been having to manage my own athletic success and the problem-solving, strategy, and logistics that goes into it."


    Why do you think that mentoring is important?

    "Mentorship, coaching, advising, teaching, or whatever term you use for it is the way of progress and making our world a better place. Mentorship is essentially sharing wisdom from experiences, and passing on the lessons learned from successes and failures in hopes to improve the lives of the next generation so that they can start a few rungs higher on the ladder (or skip a few steps even!) and achieve great things. Especially as a woman in today’s socioeconomic climate and for those who have paved new paths and achieved success, it is so important to put your hand out to lift young girls up and bring other women with you. No one does it alone and mentorship is the key to keeping that positive feedback loop of progress and positive change in motion."

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    Little known fact about yourself.

    "I have a twin brother, Jon who is way cooler than I’ll ever be."


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