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    At InstaViser, we’re fueled by an amazing group of people who are dedicated to building communities and helping people forge connections. Outside of the office, our interests vary, with several Olympians, Olympic hopefuls and professional athletes. Meet Michael Colella, one of our customer success managers at InstaViser. 

    At InstaViser, Michael is responsible for helping launch our customers' individually branded platforms. He's there to make sure our software runs smoothly and our users have a great experience. 

    When he’s not working on InstaViser, he is competing on the US National Rowing Team as he pursues his dream of making the 2020 Summer Olympics. We sat down with Michael to talk about what he loves about InstaViser and how mentorship has played a role in his life.

    What do you do at InstaViser?

    "I am member of the Customer Success Team at InstaViser! In this role, I work with our customer service and technology teams to ensure a smooth platform launch and to maximize the impact of our connective platforms. I take pride in understanding our customer’s unique user population and creatively customizing our solution to their specific needs."

    How did you first get started at IV?

    "Our vice president, Meghan O’Leary approached me in August of 2017. I had a background in the SaaS industry (Service as a Software) and was looking for a job where I could work while continuing to pursue my Olympic dreams. I was moved by InstaViser’s mission to empower people through connections and knew I wanted to be a member of this team."

    What do you do outside of IV?

    "I am currently a member of the Oakland Training Center for Men’s Rowing and I'm pursuing a spot on the 2020 Olympic team. It is absolute dream to train with such a talented group of athletes and a truly inspirational coaching staff."


    How does your National team background impact your work?

    "Rowing is truly a team sport. It takes every athlete in the boat to get across the finish line first. A huge part of achieving success is understanding how you best help the team reach peak performance when it matter most. I take this approach in my work by identifying our biggest opportunities and understanding the role I can play in creating a solution."

    Why do you think that mentoring is important?

    "I am self proclaimed mentorship nerd. Through academics, athletics, and my career I have been lucky to have amazing role models and mentors that have dramatically impacted my professional and athletic career. I believe that mentors show you that success is possible, provide invaluable feedback, and help you pick up the pieces when you lose your way."


    Little known fact about yourself.

    "Before I began rowing, I was determined to become an executive chef. I have since traded in my knife for an oar, but you can still catch me impressing a crowd with my mise en place skills and I am always ready for a Top Chef QuickFire Challenge."


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