How Mentoring is Helping Team USA Olympians and Paralympians Find Success On and Off the Field: A Q&A with the ACE Program


    4 Tips to Introducing a Formalized Mentoring Network at Your Company

    You understand the power of mentoring and you know your company will benefit from a formalized mentoring program. Congratulations! You’re already ahead of the game.

    "My Take on Mentoring" with InstaViser's Josh Getz

    Recently, we've been talking with customers and users about how mentoring is changing. People are changing the way they find mentors, how often they meet with them, and even who they consider a mentor.

    A New Way to Engage Offline with Your Community: Mentor Walks

    On a warm spring day in Shanghai, I arrived at a neighborhood park with about thirty other women for a mentor walk. It was my first time attending the monthly event, organized by a group of women's communities that wanted to create mentoring opportunities.

    Collaborative Coaching: From LeBron James to Elite Rowing

    When LeBron James announced his decision to depart Cleveland for Los Angeles to join the Lakers, there was plenty of excitement (and despair), accompanied by grand projections for the decision’s impact on the rest of the NBA. A peripheral but intriguing storyline was the fact that James would now be coached by Luke Walton from the same 2003 NBA Draft class. Walton was drafted 31 spots after James, the number one pick that year. Only five years apart in age, they’re practically peers. It’s interesting that the youngest coach in the NBA will be coaching the larger than life, arguably greatest player in the NBA. Can it possibly work?

    Lessons from the Army: 4 Tips for Being A Better Leader at Work

    In January of 2018, at 28 years old with a bachelor’s degree in engineering and a great job in a great city, I decided to do a complete 180 and serve with the men and women who defend our country. I recently completed basic training and airborne school in the Army.

    Why Proactive Mentees Make the Best Mentees

    At first, I’d thought the mentors would come find me. That by signing up for an official mentor program and telling people in my network that I was looking for a mentor, someone would step up and reach out to me. That was not the case.

    Advice from My Mentor: Nothing to Lose and Everything to Gain

    By Jeff Butler

    Inspiring the Next Generation of Women

    For as long as I can remember, I have always identified as an athlete. Born in 1984, I was the first generation to truly benefit from Title IX (passed in 1972). As a kid, I didn’t know a world that didn’t have sports for little girls. Women’s sports and athletes were just starting to gain broader coverage on television, though still sparse compared to their male counterparts.

    Leverage College Athletic Experience with Potential Employers: Part II

    Golden Ties Advisor and Cal Alum, Drew Sanders continues to lay out three more keys to talking about your student-athlete experience in your next job interview.

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