How Mentoring is Helping Team USA Olympians and Paralympians Find Success On and Off the Field: A Q&A with the ACE Program


    4 Tips to Introducing a Formalized Mentoring Network at Your Company

    You understand the power of mentoring and you know your company will benefit from a formalized mentoring program. Congratulations! You’re already ahead of the game.

    The Right Mentoring Software - 4 Questions to Ask Prospective Vendors

    You think you have found a mentorship software that aligns with the needs of your organization, has all the tools and features you were looking for, and perhaps most importantly, meets your budget.

    Why Your Mentoring Program Needs Technology to Succeed

    When asked what has attributed to their achievements, successful people will almost always, in part, credit a strong mentor or number of mentors. Yet despite the near-universal praise for mentoring, the traditional one-size-fits all approach continues to persist in institutions of all sizes.

    Neuroscience, Mirror Neurons and the Power of Virtual Mentoring

    Since the beginning of humanity, we’re a species who have cultivated personal relationships. This instinct is so powerful that neuroscientists say we cannot help ourselves. We’re drawn to people we’re comfortable with, we want to be near people like us, and we enjoy interacting with those who share wisdom with us.

    How Online Mentoring is Helping UC Davis Entrepreneurs Succeed

    List the top 25 entrepreneurs of today's startup age and there will be one thing they all share in common as a key element to their success: mentorship. More important than finding a co-founder or even funding, the right mentors can be the difference between an entrepreneur launching their idea and failing due to lack of preparation, guidance, or a few critical missteps along the way.

    How Mentorship is Changing the Game for Women in Healthcare

    Tired of looking at company board member photos or conference panels and seeing a wall of male faces? One online platform is working to change that with the help of mentorship, networking and visibility.

    How Technology Can Improve Your Alumni Directory and Empower Students

    According to a study from Deloitte61% of millennials report that they have a mentor. In the same study, researchers found a connection between employee retention and mentorship, with data showing that millennials intending to stay with their organization for more than five years are twice as likely to have a mentor (68%) than not (32%). Mentorship is proven to help both the individual employee and the overall company, and yet there are still almost 40% of young professionals without mentors.

    How an Alumni Network Helped a Cal Student Land a Finance Internship

    It was a Thursday morning in the middle of the fall semester and Cal student-athlete, Danny Jordan was sitting in his first class of the day, wondering how he was supposed to land his college internship. A rising sophomore and a member of the varsity men’s rowing team at UC-Berkeley, Danny was a first-generation college student with an interest in finance but he didn’t know where to start.

    Pete Cipollone: Bringing the Expert to You with InstaViser

    Interview From Rowing Ventures, LLC

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